Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coming Baisakh(Bangla new Year)

Curidara - kamije October baisakh

I can not sit here on the first day baisakhera. The decor is phutatei phosphorus in youth. Hot, do not feel relief newness of sarite passed. They can easily wear saloyara - shirt or kurta - curidara. Interfacing design, cutter yetei difference may be brought. I had to be adjusted sajatao. Beni long, tip of the Baishakhi curite trait. Join the Marketing Department aranyera upamahabyabasthapaka raonaka, long kurta, a shirt with this baisakhe saloyara curidara running. Youth preferred list baisakhera interfacing cirayita color red - white and green, blue, orange and bright colors like magenta, received priority. Cut shirt, nakasateo mass change. Gheraoyala little frock - cut shirt, long kurta or shirt heme V - cut, as well as anarakali shirt, fashion shirt has the height. Hataya, neck and heme paipim, lace can be used. Sleeveless, short sleeve, ghatihata, even phulahata shirt may be worn. Posakai cotton will be comfortable for summer. But when the night ayandi, clothes to wear silk or masalinera can. '


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